Hi, I’m Ben, the human behind the robot.

The robot that runs RecipeRobot is actually a combination of two artificial intelligence programs known as ChatGPT and Midjourney.

This website is half an experiment to explore the exciting possibilities that artificial intelligence offers, and half me getting fed up with how awful most recipe websites are to use and thinking I can do it better.

Every recipe on RecipeRobot was written 100% by artificial intelligence (that includes the photos, which were taken by Midjourney). At no point did any human-based copyediting, revising, or tweaking of the actual recipe content take place.

So, if you’re curious about what robot-created food tastes like, or, if you’re just tired of scrolling through the miles of pointless backstory that fills most recipe blogs, then welcome!

Beep-boop. I mean, uh, bye.

Want to contact us? Have any questions or suggestions for site improvements? Email me at reciperobot.ai@gmail.com

Tommy, your friendly neighborhood coder